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TXU Energy Turkey Trot 10k

Houston, TX - November 27, 2014

49:57 (7:59 Min/Mi)

This was my second 10k race in less than a week.

And I PR’d by almost a minute !!!

I did not go into it thinking I wanted to try to PR. I just wanted to run a good Z2 - Z3 pace and stay steady. The race had a lot more people than i expected. The first mile was tough, having to weave in and out and around people.

Larry took off right away, and i wasnt able to keep up with him. I noticed though that I ran my first mile at 8:13 pace. That was fast, but i felt good. So I stayed with it.

The next few miles went down to 8:07 and 7:56. That was awesome. When we turned around, there was a bit more head wind, and of course, I started getting a bit tired. The next couple miles were 8:02 and 8:04 pace. A bit slower, but not bad.

Finally, the last mile and a quarter, i tried to push and give all i had. I was able to run the mile at 7:43 and the last quarter mile at 7:28 pace ! I was hurting, but was very excited to have been able to PR this race, going under 50 minutes, and under 8:00 pace.

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