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The Woodlands Half Marathon

The Woodlands, TX - February 28, 2015

1:56:06 (8:52 min/Mi)


5 Mile 45:20 9:04

Remainder 1:10:45 8:44

I had been back into training mode only a few weeks, so I did not want to force this race. The goal once again was to finish around 2 hours, keeping a steady pace throughout.

I was keeping a nice, steady 9:00 pace, and feeling very good for the first 8 miles. Slowly i started going a little faster. When I got to mile 10, still feeling good, I started pushing the pace.

As it turned out, I negative split each of the last 5 miles, running 8:33, 8:16 and 8:08 for the last three (which is the fastest I ever ran at the end of a half marathon). And I felt good at the end, too !

This was really interesting, as usually I would run hard in the beginning and just hold on till the finish, always slowing down tremendously at the end of races. This time I stayed steady, and pushed through the end. It was a great feeling. I didnt think I could do it.

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