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Katy Half Marathon

Katy, TX - February 7, 2015

2:01:27 (9:16 min/Mi)


1st Half 1:00:21 9:00

2nd Half 1:01:06 9:33

This was a tough one. Since pulling my Calf muscle at the Houston Half Marathon three weeks ago, I did nothing but rest in the hopes to heal.

Unfortunately, when I do that, I also eat a lot. So not only did I not train for a long time, I also put on some weight. And then came this race...

The goal was to finish and not have any more muscle issues. And hopefully around 2 hours.

As usual, I started the race going much harder than I should. I negative split each of the first 5 miles. At mile 6, my shoe lace came undone and I had to stop and tie my shoes. However, once I re-started, things were never the same.

I began feeling really tired, and from that moment to the finish, I slowed down a bit more each mile. I was hurting badly towards the last 2-3 miles.

At the end, it was just over 2 hrs. It hurt more than most races, but I was happy that my calf held up. On to the next one...

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