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Monster Mash Run 15k

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Houston, TX - October 6, 2013

1:20:22 (8:38 min/Mi)

I didnt go into this day thinking race. This was another long training day. I had to run 16 total miles for the day. The thought was to run 9.3 miles here (15k), then 4 mi at the Duathlon, then another 3 miles after.

I started the run slow. I wanted to be around 9:00 min/Mi, but ended up being more like 9:30 min/Mi, with that mile and a half on the track. It also didnt help that we had a major storm come through right around mile 2 of the run.

My plan called for breaking the 15k into 3 and negative split each portion. After about mile 3 - 3.5, i started picking up the pace. I ran the second third at about 8:30 min/Mi, and the last third under 8:00 min/Mi, thanks to Brian, who caught up with me right about then, and paced me to a nice finish.

It was about 5 min slower than the last 2 years, but was right on with what i was looking to accomplish. Next, i had about a 45 min break, and off to the Duathlon.

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