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Tri & Roadie 40k Showdown

Pattison, TX - August 19, 2012

1:03:25 (23.80 MPH)

I wish I had taken this as more of a priority than I did. I did a 2 hr tough CompuTrainer ride Friday night, then rode 45 hard Miles on Saturday. My legs were tired and sore...

It was a very rainy day. No one knew if the race was going to be cancelled or not. I ended up putzing around and left the house very late. Therefore, I arrived there within 15 min of my start time. No time to warm up. Problem was, the parking lot was 2 Mi from the start. I had to rush. As I came to the start, I saw the racer who had just left was the number just before me. I asked the officials, and they told me I was up then and there, to get going.

The first 5 or 6 Miles were good, I averaged around 24 MPH. However, soon after, my legs just felt like bricks. For the next 3 or 4 Miles, I could barely muster 22 MPH. I lowered the gear, and tried some active recovery. Around the turn around point, the rain got even worse. It was pouring. I could barely see through my glasses. There were rain drops getting between the helmet and glasses, going right into my eyes. It was crazy!

The way back was easier. I guess we had a little tail wind. My legs also felt better. I averaged about 26 MPH for most of the second half.

I ended up 11th out of 32 in the 40-49 Age Group, and 29th out 99 overall. All in all, it was a lot fun !!!

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