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Cypress Sprint Triathlon Relay

Cypress, TX - July 24, 2022

550M Swim & 13Mi Bike (3.1Mi Run was Ran by Scott)

9:01 Swim (1:38 / 100 M)

1:34 T1

31:17 Bike (24.95 MPH) - on my Road bike !!! Since our Tri bikes were already on their way to Alaska, Scott, Cory and I decided to race the Relay. I was going to Swim, Cory Bike and Scott Run. Unfortunately, Cory got Covid on Friday, so I ended up doing the bike portion as well... on my Road Bike !!! It turned out to be a really fun day. The swim was my fastest at this race. I was happy with that, since I have been working hard on my swim!

The bike was interesting... I had no idea how it would go on my Road Bike. Last year I averaged 25.5 MPH on my Tri Bike. I was hoping for at least 22-23 MPH on the Road bike. As it turned out, I did a hell of a lot better. Only 42 seconds slower than last year! I've been working on improving my bike also :), especially since for most of this year, injuries have all but prevented me from running!

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