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Texas State Individual Time Trial Championships

Hempstead, TX - June 8, 2014

40k (24.85 Mi) Time Trial - Hempstead, TX

1:04:04 (23.3 MPH)

My third Time Trial.

I raced in the Multisport Cat. Came in 4th Place in my Division. However, they screwed up all scores (they did not have chip timing - used manual timing), and gave me a time of 1:12 plus !!! How do you screw up this badly??? The head wind was pretty bad going out, but it really wasnt there on the way back. I may have gone to hard against the wind, and that cost me in the last couple miles of the race. I was exhausted. My legs were done. It was a tough race. I wish I was better prepared for it. Next year !

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