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Tejas Sprint Triathlon

Sugar Land, TX - June 2, 2013

600 M Swim, 12 Mi Bike, 3 Mi Run.

11:17 Swim (1:43 / 100 M)

1:03 T1

Chose to Stop Bike Leg due to Weather

3:44 T2

23:57 (7:59 min/Mi)

Again, I was not ready for this race. But signed up the week before, just to have fun.

The swim was fine. My shoulder felt good.

As I got to T1, it started raining. I quickly got my bike and off I went.

Within a few minutes, the skies opened up and it just poured! It was raining so hard, I could barely see. Puddles were forming everywhere. The situation was getting very unsafe (I was wondering when they would be calling the race).

About 3 miles in, we had to make a right turn at an intersection. As I got near, I started breaking, and my brakes didnt work (this was the first time having my Carbon Clinchers in wet situation). I couldnt slow down. I went straight through the intersection. Thank God the car to my right was stopped and didnt start going through, or I would have hit it.

After that, I decided it wasnt worth risking an accident. I turned around and rode back slowly.

For exercise, I decided to do the run. I actually did pretty well (for my lack of training). I was able to maintain a good pace throughout. I was happy with that.

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