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Shadow Creek Sprint Triathlon

Pearland, TX - July 12, 2015

9:17 Swim - 576 Meters (1:35 / 100 M)

0:41 T1

32:02 - 13.2 Miles (24.9 MPH) 3rd in AG

1:22 T2

26:33 (8:19 min/Mi) - 3.25 Miles (8:10 min/Mi)

Total 1:09:57

5th out of 31 in AG; 31st overall

Great race. My first time doing it. Lots of great people.

The swim was a straight point to point swim in a shallow lake, that was quite warm.

When i got out of the water, my time was over 9:00 min, so i was disappointed, as i was hoping to have gone faster. Interestingly, after the race, i realized that the swim was quite a bit longer (576m instead of 500m), and thus my time was quite good. As a matter of fact, it was the fastest pace i’ve done in a race.

T1 was quite fast. I was 2nd fastest in AG.

The bike started a bit slow. I had a hard time getting my feet in my shoes. It was quite frustrating. Once i got going, it was really nice, and fun. It was a very fast course, and i was pushing around 25 MPH. Even though there was a lot of traffic, I kept pushing it through both laps, and finished right at 25 MPH.

T2 was not so good. When i came in, there were no bikes around anywhere. I could not figure out where my rack or my spot was. I was running around for quite a while. Also, i had to take the time to put on socks, even though i had my sockless Zoot shoes, because i had a real bad blister and the tape i had placed on top of it came out during the swim. My T2 time was middle of the pack for AG.

The run started ok. My goal was to stay just at or under 8:00 pace. My first mile was right on, at 8:01 pace. I was very thirsty coming out of T2, and knew that with the heat, that was not a good thing... My second mile I slowed down a little, doing a 8:09 pace. Unfortunately, the third mile got me. With no shade, the heat getting worse, and me being really thirsty, i cracked. I ran the third mile at 8:24 pace.

Overall, i was still pretty happy with my performance. A PR of sorts for the swim and bike pace for a sprint is not a bad thing :)

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