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Rhythm & Blues Half Marathon

Houston, TX - February 9, 2014

2:00:42 (9:13 min/Mi)


1/4 30:01 30:01 9:10

Half 58:57 28:56 8:50

3/4 1:29:59 31:02 9:29

Finish 2:00:42 30:43 9:23

I had not trained at all for the last 2 weeks, and have been dealing with a stomach virus for the last week. I didnt feel great that morning, but since I paid, I went and did it. My plan was to just run it easy and steady. The goal was to be around or under 2 hours. One thing I didnt realize is that this race is run completely on Allan Pkwy, which is mostly rollers (up and under passes). I wasnt expecting that and it eventually took its toll.

For some reason my Garmin wasnt working well (maybe the fog), plus i must have somehow started it before the race started, so both my avg. pace and time were way off.

I felt pretty good for the first lap. I was averaging around 8:50 for most of it. Things started getting tough after mile 9. At that time, i could feel my legs getting tired (due to lack of training). The last 3 miles were pretty tough. At that point, a combination of being tired and exhaustion (i think the stomach virus had something to do with it as well) really got to me. I struggled to get to the finish that last mile !

When i saw the result i was a little upset that i missed being under the 2 hr mark by a few seconds. Unfortunately i didnt have my Garmin to know that, or i would have found 43 seconds before crossing the finish.

But, no big deal. I did it, didnt get hurt. It was a good day.

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