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Frost Yer Fanny Duathlon

Houston, TX - February 28, 2010

3 Mi Run, 15 Mi Bike, 3 Mi Run.

22:06 Run (7:22 min/Mi)

0:43 T1

39:49 Bike (22.6 MPH)

0:52 T2

22:56 (7:39 min/Mi)

Total 1:26:28

13th out of 39 in AG

My first Duathlon !!! This was the first race of the season

The race was in Bear Creek Park. It was extremely cold at the start (I’m glad we weren’t swimming !!!).

My new Garmin 310XT didn’t work (I set it up wrong), so I pretty much raced blind.

The run course was nice, through the woods in the park, out and back.

The first run was fast (wasn’t sure how fast) but I was trying to stay below 8:00/min. I felt good.

Had a real fast T1 and went onto the bike.

I pushed it throughout, felt good. The course was a couple loops inside the park, so no intersections or lights to worry about. However, there were quite a few sharp turns and some debris/hazards that were not well marked.

T2 was fine and so I went onto the last run.

My legs felt heavy for around the first mile or so (due to the strong effort on the bike), but loosened up as I went. I again tried to keep a good fast pace, but by that time I was tired and my legs were heavy... I had no idea how I was doing.

I finished the race with a time of 1:26:28 (7:22 min/Mile for the first run, 22.6 MPH for the bike and 7:39 min/Mile for the last run). My bike was 5th best among 40 in my age group.

I guess the run training in the winter is paying off !!! I am really surprised at my run times !!! Wow !!!!

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