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Bridgeland Sprint Triathlon

Cypress, TX - August 4, 2013

550 M Swim, 12 Mi Bike, 3.1 Mi Run.

10:52 Swim (1:49 / 100 M)

1:21 T1

31:22 (24.5 MPH)

1:38 T2

26:25 (8:31 min/Mi)

Total 1:11:41

22nd of 164 in Age Group

80th 827 men

84th of 1225 overall

As always, a great race. I was looking forward to seeing where I am as far as my fitness level. I havent been training much yet. Just started running a couple days before the race, recovering from an Achilles injury. Been riding some, but not hard. And barely swam all year. So I wanted to see just what I could do.

The swim started kind of weird. I didnt feel as if I was swimming real good. My form didnt seem right. I felt as if my legs were sinking to much. It took a while (about half way) for me to start feeling better and get into it. By the time I reached the turning buoy, I was finally feeling better. I feel that I got faster for this last stretch.

T1 was was fast and I was off to the bike.

The bike started fast, and finished fast. There were a couple people I knew who were riding around me (Fernando and Andrew, and one more person). We all kept taking turns during the race passing each other, then getting away, then being caught, being passed, and so on. This kept the pace high. I was averaging 25 MPH for most of the race. All the turns of the last 3 miles, plus dismount reduced the average a bit.

T2 could have been a bit faster. Putting socks on took a little time. I also took a drink of water and wet my head (should do that at the aid station while moving). Could have saved about 20-30 secs.

The run was good. I was a bit tired from the high pace of the bike, but not as bad as I imagined. I would like to have ran an 8:00 min/Mi average, but not running for almost 2 months made it impossible. My first 1/2 mile was a bit slow, but I was able to pick up a bit from there, and had a negative split for each mile till the end.

I was pretty happy with my overall performance, given the lack of training. Now, I need to concentrate on training and getting better on all 3 sports !!!

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