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Lonestar Olympic Triathlon

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Cypress, TX - April 24, 2010

Swim Cancelled 1:06:26 Bike (22.6 MPH) - 5th in AG T1 0:51:40 Run (8:20 min/Mi)

Total 1:59:39 This was supposed to be my Second Olympic Distance Triathlon, however, the weather didn’t help. Severe weather and harsh winds caused the cancellation of the swim portion of the race.

The bike portion started TT style. It was interesting. The ride took us out and back on the seawall. The winds were gusting to almost 30 MPH. I felt great and pushed hard on the first half, averaging about 25 MPH. On the way back we had a tough head wind, and it made me average around 21 MPH, for a Total Average of 22.6 MPH (5th best in my Age Group, out of 94 people).

Transition for some reason was quite slow. I need to work on it... and so I went on to the run.

As I was exiting transition i noticed that I forgot to switch my Garmin from the bike to my wrist, so i ran blind.

I pushed hard on the bike and I did feel it on my legs, at least early on the run... but I felt a lot better than Gateway. I finished with 8:20 min/Mi for the 6.2 miles, for a Total Time of 1:59:39.

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