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Kemah Olympic Triathlon

Kemah, TX - April 28, 2013

29:38 Swim (1:58 / 100 M)

10:05 T1

Bike Cancelled due to Weather

1:00:15 (9:43 min/Mi)

Total 1:39:59

Another race I was completely unprepared for. I have not yet gotten myself to start training. I thought I would by now, but... Unfortunately, major storms hit the area all day and night before the race, flooding much of the rout, causing unsafe circumstances, which caused the cancelation of the Bike portion.

The swim is always fun. Being dropped from a boat a mile away from shore is fun. The seas were rough, the currents were really bad. There were people swimming in all directions, completely disoriented. It was also my first swim since breaking my collar bone. I was a bit worried.

I had some pain in my shoulder for the first 5-10 min, but it went away. I didnt have much trouble with the conditions, surprisingly, and had a pretty good swim.

Transition was extremely far away, almost 0.75 miles. Everyone had running shoe bags to run with. I forgot to do that, so I had to run barefoot, on concrete and pebbles. It was painful.

The run was quite painful, as I had not trained for it at all. I kept a slow, steady pace and made it through.

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