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Ironman Texas

The Woodlands, TX - May 14, 2016

1:19:00 Swim (2:02 / 100 M)

6:45 T1

4:29:09 (21.2 MPH) - 95 Miles

11:36 T2

5:39:13 (12:56 min/Mi) - stopped for 3-4 min due to weather

Total 11:45:43

106th of 300 in Age Group

729th of 2246 Men

My Birthday. What a day! It was one of the craziest races I have ever participated on. We had rain, thunder, lightning, hail... you name it. The race was actually stopped for some time while the weather passed. Fortunately, I only got stopped for about 5 min. Some people had to stop for 45 min! On the other hand, I experienced the full brunt of the storm... I was on the far out run course, by the big mansions. There was no place to hide. There were no volunteers anywhere to tell us what to do. So we just kept running... wild!

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