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Ironman 70.3 Austin

Austin, TX - October 23, 2011

34:44 Swim (1:47 / 100 M)

3:07 T1

2:44:01 (20.49 MPH)

2:54 T2

2:06:54 (9:41 min/Mi)

Total 5:31:40

55th out of 272 in AG

377th out of 1914 who raced

What a race. My best 70.3 ever. What a major PR !!!

I went into this race just looking for a solid effort, to get me through to IMCZ. I again was not going to push the bike, but decided not to lay back as much as I did at Galveston.

The swim went well. It was pretty cold that morning. I wore a full wetsuit.

T1 was fast. I got my bike and there I went.

I felt good on the bike and was pleased with my effort. I think I did exactly what I wanted to do. It was almost a full MPH less than last year, but still better than Galveston.

I got to the run and felt good. I needed to pee at T2 but the bathrooms were busy, so I kept going. Didnt want to waist time. The run had several rolling hills, which I hate. But I was feeling good and ran pretty well for the first 6-7 miles. I did not stop at all. From mile 6-10, I walked at about 4 or 5 aid stations, but started running again once the aid station ended. Again, I wanted to pee, but I would not stop because I didnt want to ruin my great run so far.

I got to the last lap, and those rollers suddenly felt like monsters. But I kept pushing. Soon, the finish line was within sight. I pushed through to the end. I must have pressed the wrong button on my Garmin, because as I laid at the medical tent getting an IV, my Garmin said my time was 5:45. I was ecstatic as this would mean an almost 10 min PR.

When I got out of the medical tent, I went on to check the results. I almost fell backwards... It said 5:31, with a 9:41 min/Mi pace for the run. I could not believe it !!!

In this race, I PR’d my previous result for this race by over 50 minutes, I PR’d my best ever 70.3 result by 23 minutes, and PR’d my best run in a 70.3 by over 16 minutes !!!

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