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Houston Olympic Triathlon

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Cypress, TX - September 26, 2010

31:00 Swim (2:04 / 100 M)

3:17 T1

1:05:15 (23.7 MPH) - 3rd in AG

1:28 T2

56:55 (9:11 min/Mi)

Total 2:37:55

10th out of 67 in AG

85th out of 568 who raced

Great first time race. The course was awesome.

The swim was different, we had to swim 2 loops in the lake, with a run of about 100 feet on shore in between. It was neat, but also had its challenges. On the second loop I got on the water right behind a very slow wave. The whole second loop was super crowded and slow. There was no room to move, to swim, to get on a rhythm. I also got punched in the face, losing my goggle at one point. All in all, it was still a fun, different experience. The run to T1 was extremely long, but all carpeted. T1 was nice and spacious. I got on my bike and was off. The bike portion was fast. We had some wind, which made it tough while a head wind, but allowed for over 32 MPH when a tailwind.

The run was great, through Towne Lake and especially going into and around the Berry Center. Unfortunately I had major knee pain soon after the start of the run, and therefore just took it real light all the way to the end.

The party afterwords was awesome. Great food, great atmosphere. Loved the race and will race again next year.

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