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Houston Marathon

Houston, TX - January 15, 2012

4:30:20 (10:19 min/Mi)

My first Marathon !

Since I was not very well trained, I ran it conservatively.

I did the Half Marathon in just over 2 hours.

Went through the 25k still averaging 9:28 min/Mi.

I went through the 30k point at exactly 3:00 hours.

Then the proverbial “wall” hit me right in the head! Right around Mile 20. From then on, it was tough. I was in a lot of pain. My knees were so sore, I almost couldn’t feel them.

The last few miles seemed as they would never end. Finally, the last mile came around, and the adrenaline took over, and I was able to speed up a bit till the end. I was glad I did, as I ended up with exactly the time I was hoping for, 4:30 hrs. It was an amazing experience. I’m looking forward to doing another one, and hopefully break 4 hours !!!

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